Specific Fixes for Trojan Horse Attacks

Part of the Trojan horse attacks help page
updated Jun 24, 2000

Be sure to read the warnings in the main Trojan horse attacks help page first!!! If you just jump right to a specific fix without understand how you got in this mess in the first place, you're likely to suffer the same fate again or worse. You assume full responsibility for trying these fixes.

Below is a list of some well-known trojans, each described by a list of symptoms. Try to determine which trojan(s) you are infected with, remembering that the filename can be changed easily. Read through the whole section, because you may have more than one trojan!

If your problem doesn't seem to be covered here, it's no wonder, since new trojans pop up all the time. You can often find more information at the HackFix Project.




Back Orifice

NetBus [external link]



dmsetup.exe (2nd variant)

dmsetup.exe (4th variant)

dmsetup.exe (5th variant and onwards)



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