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How to Disable Scripting and Other Unsafe E-mail Options in Outlook Express 5
By Woody Thrower

Vulnerabilities in the default configuration of Outlook Express 5 make systems susceptible to serious compromise simply by viewing E-mail (without opening any attachments). The steps below reduce the risk of such a compromise by disabling scripting and other unsafe E-mail options.

Note: To protect yourself from the vulnerabilities in Outlook Express 5, you must change settings in Outlook Express 5 and Internet Explorer.

  1. Open Outlook Express 5. From the Menu, choose Tools > Options and then click the Security tab.

  2. Choose Restricted sites zone (More secure) and then click OK.

  3. Open Internet Explorer, From the Menu, choose Tools > Internet Options and click the Security tab.

  4. Select the Restricted Sites icon and then click the Custom Level... button to open the Security Settings window.

  5. Scroll through the security settings, configuring them as they appear in the following list.

  6. To save these settings, click OK to close the Security Settings window, click Yes when asked if you are sure, click OK to close the Security window, and click OK to close the Internet Options window.

Congratulations! You're finished. Breathe a sigh of relief, but continue to excercise caution with file attachments.