[[-linux-x86 shellcode-]]  
[-name-] [-description-] [-author-]
0xff-less-execve.c 0xff-less execve() /bin/sh anathema
chroot_break.c / chroot.c / chroot1.c to break out of chroot enviroment [multiple]
connect.c connecting shellcode lamagra
drop-shell.c used for dropping a rootshell in /tmp anathema
execve_binsh.c / execve_binsh1.c / mini-sh.c execve() of /bin/sh [multiple]
portshell.c / bind.c bind a shell on a port [multiple]
pwd_mod.c append account to /etc/passwd anathema
rts.c reverse telnet shellcode hts
scc.c setresuid(0, 0, 0), chown & chmod anathema
setregid_execve.c ex of setregid(), execve() /bin/sh ... anathema
sh_tmp.c create suid shell in /tmp raise
tolower_evasion.c tolower() evasion, execve() /bin/sh anathema
toupper_evasion.c toupper() evasion, execve() /bin/sh anathema
write.c / write-1.c writing shellcode (write to a file/stdout) [multiple]
xterm.c execve() xterm -ut -display ip:0 raise