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-[[ 27 january ]]-  
[-name-] [-platform/daemon-] [-description-] [-type-] [-author-]
thong.pl cisco automated multi dos attack tool dos hypoclear
ns-shtml.pl sunos 5.7 netscape enterprise server 4.0 remote exploit remote fyodor
ecepass.tar.gz freebsd 3.* / 4.* remote attackers can evade firewall rules remote plathond
unitools.tar.gz winnt/iis shell on iis server with unicode using *only* http remote roelof temmingh
-[[ 26 january ]]-  
[-name-] [-platform/daemon-] [-description-] [-type-] [-author-]
su.c tru64 5a env stack overflow local k2
splitvt.c slackware 7.1/debian 2.2/2,1 heap mismanagement exploit local michel kaempf
mscreen.c sco openserver 5.0.5 env stack overflow local k2
rctab.tar.gz suse 7.0-6.1 race condition local ihaquer
-[[ 25 january ]]-  
[-name-] [-platform/daemon-] [-description-] [-type-] [-author-]
write.c solaris 7.0 x86 arg stack overflow local pablo sor
jazip.pl turbolinux 6.0 env stack overflow local teleh0r
glibc-resolve-tr.sh redhat 7.0 / debian 2.3 users can view any file local krochos
-[[ 19 january ]]-  
[-name-] [-platform/daemon-] [-description-] [-type-] [-author-]
imapd.pl imapd authentication stack overflow remote teleh0r
enabler.c cisco used to bruteforce enable passwords remote norby
man-xpl.pl redhat 6.1 env stack overflow local teleh0r
-[[ 15 january ]]-  
[-name-] [-platform/daemon-] [-description-] [-type-] [-author-]
su.c redhat 7.0 > 5.0 glibc locale format strings exploit local xp / logikal
arpexp.c solaris x86 (8 / 7) stack overflow on -f argument local ahmed
apcupsdos.c redhat 6.1 users can kill an pid dos the itch
seyon-exploit.pl redhat 5.2/4.1 stack overflow local teleh0r
-[[ 13 january ]]-  
[-name-] [-platform/daemon-] [-description-] [-type-] [-author-]
cu.c hp-ux 11.00 stack buffer overflow local zorgon
chroot1.c linux-x86 to break out of chroot enviroment shellcode preedator
getgrnam.c solaris 2.5.1/2.5 getgrnam() function overflow local pablo sor
glibc-resolve.sh redhat 7.0 & debian 2.3 users can view any file local charles stevenson


-[[ 12 january ]]-  
[-name-] [-platform/daemon-] [-description-] [-type-] [-author-]
whois.pl cgi users can execute commands remote marco van berkum
chpass.c openbsd 2.7/2.6/2.5 +more chpass format strings exploit local caddis
perl-buffer.txt basic overflows writing buffer overflow exploits with perl paper teleh0r
proftpDoS.java ftpd users can crash proftpd remotely dos jet_li
-[[ 5 january ]]-  
[-name-] [-platform/daemon-] [-description-] [-type-] [-author-]
scc.c linux x86 setresuid(0, 0, 0), chown & chmod shellcode anathema
write-1.c linux x86 write owned and exit shellcode anathema
execve_binsh1.c linux x86 25 byte execve() of /bin/sh shellcode anathema
0xff-less-execve.c linux x86 0xff-less execve() /bin/sh shellcode anathema
-[[ 4 january ]]-  
[-name-] [-platform/daemon-] [-description-] [-type-] [-author-]
setuid-execve.c linux sparc setuid(0); execve() of /bin/sh shellcode anathema
setreuid-execve.c linux sparc setreuid(0,0); execve() of /bin/sh shellcode anathema
setreuid-tolower-execve.c linux sparc setreuid(0,0); execve() with tolower()-evasion shellcode anathema
setreuid-setregid-execve.c linux sparc setreuid; setregid; execve() of /bin/sh shellcode anathema
-[[ 3 january ]]-  
[-name-] [-platform/daemon-] [-description-] [-type-] [-author-]
ml2.c linux kernel local users can crash processes dos stealth
ftpd.c solaris 2.8 wuftpd 2.6.0 format strings exploit remote kalou
mailx-lock.sh solaris 2.6 / 7 / 8 prevent local users from checking mail dos optyx
proftpd-size-dos.c ftpd remote users can cause lockup dos piotr zurawski
-[[ 2 january ]]-  
[-name-] [-platform/daemon-] [-description-] [-type-] [-author-]
m000h.sh redhat 6.2 / 6.1 users can flood other terminal's/tty's dos c0sa_n0stra
kde.tar.gz suse 6.4 insecure configuration creation local stealth
blindspoof.cc linux kernel trusted host based mechanism sabotage remote stealth
7350wu-v5.tar.gz slackware 7.0 / ftpd wuftpd 2.6.0 format strings exploit remote -sc. & z-